The Teens of Fairy Tales

Sometimes we forget that most protagonists of fairy tales are actually teenagers.

While they’re out-foxing witches, rescuing each other from suspect entrapments and certain death, or heading out on near-impossible quests, they must also be battling raging hormones, crippling self doubt, and huge never-before-felt emotions.

What if, at the end of the day, they pulled out their phone to catch up, debrief, and keep each other real. Monique Mulligan wondered this. Check out the video of her hilarious text conversation between Vasilisa and Snow White.

Screenshot 2018-01-29 17.34.33

And I wondered what their text speak acronyms would include (yes I’m old – I’m sure there’s a cool teen term for this) and came up with this short handy guide:

Is your teenager texting about fairy tales? 

OMG: Old Mother Gothel
WTF: Watch The Forest
ATM: At The Mirror
BRB: Braiding Rumpelstiltskin’s Beard
AFAIK: Ariel’s Found Another Island King 🙄
BTW: Bribe The Wolf
BYOB: Baba Yaga’s Out of Bacon!
ASAP: As Strong As a Princess
Screenshot 2018-01-29 17.28.05

With apologies to Arthur Rackham


Have you ever wondered what your favourite fairy tales characters got up to in their downtime? Let us know.

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